Count visitors for your, Issues, PRs in GitHub

in just one line markdown code

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How to use?

All you have to do is to add below markdown markup to your markdown content:


In which,

The url parameter page_id is REQUIRED, please use the unique string to best represent your page.

I recommend you to follow page_id rules below:

  1. For file, use ${your.username}.${}, for example.
  2. For Issue body, use ${your.username}.${}.issue.${}, for example.

or any other markdown content, please give an unique string to distinguish

The url parameter left_color and right_color is optional, you can customize the badge color by passing the two parameters.

The values supports color names(like green) and RGB in hex string starts with a hashtag(like #66ccff)


Can I use this in HTML file?


All you have to do is to insert a <img> to your HTML:

                        <img src="" alt="visitor badge"/>

For page_id parameter, follow the rules.

Is this free?

Yes and it will always be free and no limitations!

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What's next?

What new features will be available in the next release?